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Checkmate Check Cashing and Loans is an Installment consumer loan company that works diligently to offer financial services, programs and innovative installment and signature loan solutions to our customers. We believe offering a great service on our Personal Loans at a good value is the key to our continued success in serving our customers. One of our most requested valued services that we provide to your customers is the Checkmate Installment Loan Service. Installment Loans, also called signature loans or personal loans, are our specialty at Checkmate. These installment loans are often used by borrowers for small purchases such as computers, home improvements, vacations or unexpected expenses.

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An Installment Loan or Unsecured Loan means that we rely on your promise to pay it back. We are taking a bigger risk than with a secured loan, so interest rates for unsecured installment loans tend to be higher. You normally have set payments over an agreed period and penalties may apply if you want to repay the loan early. These repayments are your ‘Installments’. Unsecured installment loans are often the best choice if you want a short-term money solution without all the hassles of qualifying for a conventional bank type loan.

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What makes Checkmate Check Cashing and Loans stand out from all other Lending Companies?

  • We offer great rates and flexible terms on Military and Personal Installment Loans.
  • We have an appreciation and driving mission to create an opportunity to help you with your financial needs.
  • We require no collateral or security in order to make you a fast cash Personal or Military Installment Loan.
  • We respect you as a valued customer. Your character is valued and we respect you our valued customer in the lending process.
  • We provide an analysis of your budget and your ability to pay. We make a Signature Loan that works for YOU.
  • You build your credit! Checkmate reports to all three national credit reporting services when you take out your loan.

What are the best reasons to choose an Installment Loan at Checkmate Check Cashing and Loans?

  • Fixed, affordable, flexible monthly payments on our extended Signature and Installment credit services.
  • Fixed, affordable interest rates that work with your particular financial need.
  • Fixed repayment terms that work with your unique financial situation.
  • Our Installment and Signature Loans are Fast, Flexible and designed to fit your lifestyle and payday schedule!

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